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IOM and British Red Cross Help Reunite 1,000 Refugees with their Families in 2015

December 21, 2015 - IOM UK, working together with the British Red Cross, supports the reunification of refugees in the UK with family members that have become separated, usually as a result of conflict and displacement. This week marked the arrival of 1,000 separated family members to the UK to be reunited with loved ones. The service is a vital lifeline for many individuals who have lost the support network of a family because of their displacement, many of whom have not seen their close relatives for numerous years. Under UK and international law, refugees have a legal right to be reunited with their families who are abroad.waist trainer

International Migrants Day 2015: Let your Light Shine

By William Lacy Swing, Director General, IOM - We have seen some dark days in our world this year. In 2015 we have seen acts of sickening violence, the fury of nature, and – perhaps most poignant of all – the corpse of a Syrian baby boy, Aylan Kurdi, face-down on a Mediterranean beach. But while the world is full of darkness, it is not surprising that so many cultures have created festivals of light. Hindus recently celebrated Diwali, and last month was Loy Krathong in Southeast Asia, where candles were set afloat to give thanks. Soon it will be the holiday season for much of the Western world. Lights are already twinkling almost everywhere, from Central Park to Bondi Beach. Now it should perhaps remind us of the thousands of families fleeing conflict in the Middle East and seeking the light of a safe haven in number hub

Sources: IOM & Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

United Kingdom Welcomes First 1,000 Syrian Refugees

December 16, 2015 – Yesterday IOM marked the arrival of over 1,000 Syrian refugees to the UK since the government’s expansion of its resettlement scheme in September. This accomplishment represents a significant step forward in achieving the UK government’s commitment to resettling 20,000 Syrian refugees by the year 2020. kids dressing tables

IOM & ODI host Symposium on Migration and the Sustainable Development Goals

December 15, 2015 - The inclusion of migration into the Sustainable Development Goals in recognition of the role that human mobility plays in reducing poverty and inequality within and across countries is one of the key innovations of the 2030 international development agenda. The topic formed the basis of a symposium, hosted by IOM and the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) on 14 December at the Royal Society in London. 

IOM Launches Updated Response Plan for Mediterranean and Beyond

November 2, 2015 - IOM has released an update to its June 2015 response plan “Addressing Complex Migration Flows in the Mediterranean”. It includes a series of proposed interventions to be implemented through December 2016, some of which are already underway, others are still at the planning stage.The plan presents IOM’s proposed interventions and reaffirms the collective responsibility of states, institutions and organizations to respond to the situation that the international community is facing in Europe and beyond, in a manner that is centered on the protection of migrants’ rights, as well as enhanced partnership between all concerned stakeholders.