Get Involved

There are many ways you can support IOM UK’s work and assist us in our mission to raise awareness on migration issues. By getting involved in our campaigns, attending our events, joining our Facebook and Twitter discussions, you’ll provide a valuable contribution to the migration dialogue we aim to raise.  From diaspora community members to private and public organisations, there are numerous ways to collaborate.

Fashioned for Freedom

In October 2014, Fashioned for Freedom raised over $3000.00 USD towards Ghana Child Rescue, IOM Ghana’s efforts to rescue children from slavery and provide them with shelter, food, education and care. We are still looking to raise additional funds for the programme, so if you would like to donate please click here!

I Am A Migrant

I am a migrant is about humanising migrants' stories of migration and providing a platform to present their narratives in their own words. This project can help change the lengs through which people view migrants and migration. Share your own story here!

Diaspora Engagement

IOM UK conducts research, focus group discussions, and surveys on specific diaspora issues. As and when diaspora engagement projects come up, we would love to hear from you and get your valuable opinion. We are currently working on a Jamaica and Somalia diaspora engagement project, but if you are a member of another diaspora, please contact us on for future engagement. To find out more about IOM UK’s projects in diaspora engagement, click here


If you are interested in learning more about human trafficking and feel you would benefit from training on the identification of victims of trafficking, please contact us at

Contact Stronger Together here if you are a supermarket supplier and require training for your staff to learn more about human trafficking within supply chains. 


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